D.C. Digital Marketing Firm Talks A.I.

AI will influence digital marketing one way or another.

2017, the year robots took over the digital marketing world. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are being trained to digitally market using information collected off of the Internet.

Positive and negative concerns arise when discussing this up and coming strategy. AI systems, such as IBM’s Watson, although mainly influence large corporations, have the potential to affect smaller marketing agencies. At TriVision, a D.C. Marketing Agency, we look into all things that could be beneficial to our clients, AI systems have lots of ups and downs to consider, so tech-driven marketers like us set out to explore the potential of these new devices:

Digital Marketing Positives of Using AI:

In the long run, time is money. Many production offices have seen progress due to the new capability of generating multiple marketing strategies at a time. Artificial intelligent systems help companies’ speed up the creation and distribution process. The ability to spit out thousands of different ways to market one product, based off of intelligence gathered from Google, YouTube or Wikipedia, is beneficial to the marketing of data. There is also the potential to distinguish a minor sense of human touch. Once an AI collects it’s interactive datasets from public audiences, it will be able to calculate how human beings would potentially react to the product. Having the capability to implement an emotional appeal alongside factual data, using nothing but one device, creates a new era of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Negatives of Using AI:

Do you really want robots attracting clients to buy your products? It’s hard to archive emotional appeal using an AI system. Think of it this way, programmers implementing information into AI can’t capture that butterfly feeling you get when you watch a moving video on YouTube. Robots tend to lack knowledge beyond pure facts. TriVision’s marketing family believes in having a human touch on our work.

Digital marketing influenced by AI.
Downfall when robots take over digital marketing jobs.

The strategic messaging services TriVision provided the US Department of State were done so through community interaction in Afghanistan, something IBM’s Watson could not experience. Using this example, we’re able to look at how TriVision used human interaction to properly market Afghan’s women’s rights. The creation of video and billboards during this project would not have been as connect had it been made by an artificial intelligence system.

All of these considerations regarding artificial intelligence are just the beginning of a new digital marketing age. Multimedia platforms are taking over our day-to-day lives, and shaping how we will make an influence on the world for generations to come.


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