What Makes a Super Bowl Ad Stick? A Good Story.

On Sunday, February 5th, 2017, millions of people from around the world will watch legends rise. We’re talking about the 2017 Super Bowl Ads, of course.

According to the American Marketing Association, up to 75% of people look forward to the commercials over the game. A Huffington Post article published a study that showed 18-to-30 year-olds were the only age group polled who preferred Super Bowl commercials (26 percent) to the game itself (24 percent).

So why do people care about commercials on Super Bowl Sunday?

Entertainment. Creativity. Exposure. The Super Bowl is a chance for brands to shine and stick on the minds of audiences. Whether it is a well-known brand, such as Nike or Coke, or a brand that is trying to launch into the marketplace in a big way, the goal of having a commercial during the Super Bowl is to be talked about the next day and perhaps even for days after the Super Bowl.

Most brands who do decide to run an ad on Super Bowl Sunday don’t just throw around millions of dollars to put together a sub-par ad (although some ads may seem not very well thought out). With so many different brands trying to outshine one another, what makes a good ad really stick?

The real magic of a great Super Bowl ad is a good story.

When a brand is able to effectively tell a story, whether it is thru content marketing or through a clever TV ad, it evokes emotions and generates long-lasting personal connections with consumers. Brands must create ads that resonate with human nature but at the same time tie them back to the company’s core story and values.

Here are three EARLY Super Bowl ads that stood out to our creative team at TriVision, a DC advertising agency, based on how well we thought the brands were able to tell their story:

2017 Ford Go Further

Mr. Clean: Cleaner of Your Dreams

TurboTax: Humpty Fall

And then there is this TV commercial TriVision produced for Jerry’s Subs and Pizza back in 2015. Buffalo wings and beautiful girls for the big game, minus the high price tag of a typical Super Bowl ad (minimum $5 million), we think this ad would have held its own and stuck to the mind of viewers for sure.

Make sure to be on the lookout for these ads and more on Super Bowl Sunday and let us know which ones are your favorites!



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