Why Organizations Need to be Flexible to Succeed

As a creative marketing agency in Washington DC, one common trait our clients appreciate the most about us is our FLEXIBILITY.

In a rapidly changing business environment, being able to adjust your workload, schedule and other variables plays a critical role in the success and survival of an organization. Whether you are a marketing agency, video production company or a non-profit organization, weather, politics and unforeseen circumstances will sometimes force you to move around your plans to get the job done. If you are able to do this within scope and budget, everyone wins!

It’s not just small businesses who must be flexible. Well-established, large and prominent organizations need to do it, too. One organization who is showing off its flexibility is the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. The 2018 National Cherry Blossom Festival opening celebration in Washington, DC was originally supposed to be Saturday, March 24th, However, they moved their ceremony to Sunday, March 25th to accommodate the March for Our Lives rally due to anticipated road closures, diverted traffic and thousands of protesters coming to the city.

Another way National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. was flexible was calling when to push back peak bloom dates. Due to early spring snow, the peak bloom dates are now scheduled for April 8th to April 12th.

Weather itself is a huge obstacle in many cases. As a creative marketing agency in Washington, DC, we always have to keep weather in mind when planning productions outdoors.

In one of our most recent productions of a TV commercial, only five days before the scheduled production, a Nor’easter decided to pass through our film location.

Our team needed to act fast. We coordinated other possible production dates that would work with the production crew and location. We made calls and sent numerous emails to team members to make sure everyone was available on the new set date. By making quick and strategic decisions early on, we were able to film on a more suitable day that worked for everyone and didn’t jeopardize our production.

This experience taught us one thing: being able to plan early and act responsive to changing environments is key in carrying successful projects through and keeping your clients happy. This holds true in any organization, and in any industry. When you give your clients flexible options and work with them through situations that is out of their control, they will feel more loyal to the organization, its values and its mission.


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