A DC Video Production Company Disscusses the 3 Video Marketing Trends You Should Follow

When done well, video is a compelling medium. This year, marketing professionals recognized its power as the type of content with best ROI. Nowadays, 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication. The industry moves quickly, producing new trends and gear at what can feel like breakneck speeds leaving you (and, sometimes, us) wondering, what is worth keeping up with?

DC Video Production Trends

We present you with a few products and trends video production and marketing professionals should be keeping up with:

1. Original Programming
New digital programs also provide opportunities for agencies to deliver premium ad content meant just for the web. Agencies this year have been making the choice to allocate their budgets in a new way: Three out of four brand marketers and advertising agency executives said they expect original digital video programming to be as important as TV programming within the next three to five years. Original content gives agencies and brands the ability to connect with their customers in a new way.

2. Mobile Matters
33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video per day on their device. That’s a lot of mobile video engagement, and it’s expected to continue to grow over this year. Creating and incorporating video for mobile has become crucial for marketer’s content strategies.



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