3 Fictional Characters that Describe Northern VA Video Production Crews

Northern Virginia video production crews are surprisingly similar to these 3 fictional characters:

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last week, chances are you have seen a friend post, “3 fictional characters that best describe me”. Heck, you might have done a post yourself. If you haven’t hopped on the trend train yet, you should. Not only is it fun thinking about fictional characters that best describe you, but you are also doing a little bit of branding of yourself.

Having been in the Northern Virginia video production industry for over 20 years, TriVision is fortunate to have a talented team of hard-working Northern Virginia video production crew members.

Here are the 3 fictional characters that best describe Northern Virginia video production crews (Yes, we know the pictures are not exactly of the fictional characters, but since we are model citizens we follow copyright laws. You get the point.):

Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

Luke Skywalker stamp

The force is strong with Northern Virginia video production crews. Seriously, they do so well under pressure. Put them in any situation, like strict editing deadlines, and these guys know how to keep calm and get things done.

Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow statue

It’s never a boring day on set. Get yourself a motley Northern Virginia video production crew and have an adventure. No matter what adventure Jack Sparrow goes on, he still manages to devise a clever plan. When there are long production days, chances are that challenges will arise. Rely on the skills of video production crew to overcome project obstacles.

Peggy Olson from Mad Men

TriVision love Mad Men

Like the creative copy chief of the fictional advertising agency, Sterling Cooper & Partners, from the AMC television series Mad Men, video production crews still manage to stay creative and organized even when bombarded with more work. Just like Peggy can craft perceptions using words, Northern Virginia production crews can craft stories using the power of videos.



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