Website Development : Our Favorite Trends in UX Design

At TriVision, we keep ourselves up -to-date with the latest techniques and trends in tech, especially when it comes to website development. We know that website design not only lends itself to a better overall experience for the user, but also gives our customer’s a leading edge over their competition. You should know by now that if your site isn’t responsive and lacks video, Your Website Sucks!

Senior online specialist, Klaudia Strojec of TriVision, designs a website.

We asked our web developers about their favorite UX design trends in 2015. Take a look below to see what they said!


1. CSS Animations – “I like moving objects, and CSS 3 allows me to create design elements on a webpage that change from one style to another. Simple, but not cheesy.”

2. Google Now Cards – “Customized, highly relevant data that is immediately sent to your mobile device.”


1. Parallax Scrolling – “Users now want, and expect, to be able to swipe through a website, not click through it.”

2. Responsive Design – “Every website needs to be both responsive and mobile friendly. Functionality is so important; we want to be able to click on an address and see a map, or click on a phone number and start a phone call.”


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