Drink It In #2


Using Flipboard to catch up on my marketing/advertising reading, I found some interesting things this week and I’ve picked out a few articles that I thought were cool about emerging trends across different industries:


I know. I know about the name. I know.

I know.

But it’s actually a pretty cool blog. Really well written and well researched, with a lot of links to studies that are referenced. This post talks about how the automotive industry is analyzing twitter trends and behavior to target it’s marketing campaigns and products to certain audiences. For example, they look at personality insights from people’s tweets, and categorize them into different groups and target them that way. It’s all about quantifying human behavior from all the cat pictures we post.

Also, brand cross-promotion, synergy, immediate feedback analysis.

SECONDBrooklyn on Tech

So this post from TechCrunch is about a month old, (which makes sense. I only really read Tech Crunch once a month), but it’s an article about a Brooklyn nonprofit startup that provides computer science education to low income students. the video is informative and touching. And a lot of coding certificates are actually taking the place of traditional college degrees. Could be a great opportunity for disadvantaged children. Many of these kinds of nonprofits will start popping up around the country,



Article that announces the launch of the first scalable cloud-based production solution and market automation program developed by SoMedia. They rolled it out for Oracle, HootSuite, and Marketo. It’s basically a production company in an app. It can act as a consultant, and even auto-generate content for certain target audiences based on what you enter into the program. Like it or not, this is the future.

AAAAnndddd scene.