World Cup 2014: Behind the Logo Design

The World Cup 2014 logo design was officially introduced back in July of 2010 in Johannesburg. The logo named Inspiration was created by a Brazilian design agency. The design contains 3 hands holding the World Cup trophy victoriously which symbolizes unity, harmony and the warm Brazilian welcome to the world. The colors green and yellow define Brazil, which reflect the colors of the national flag.

Although the logo was chosen by a judging panel consisting of 7 judges, the logo received some criticism. If you look closely, you may understand why. The two green hands resemble a (stylish) hairdo where the yellow hand resembles a hand covering a face in shame. In addition, the logo was mocked on social media for ‘looking like a ‘facepalm’.

According to the official creators of the logo, the 3 hands illustrated in the logo represent a celebration of the unity that comes with the World Cup event.

We had a discussion at TriVision Studios over the appearance of the logo. Overall, the staff is content with the logo. Creative Director & Design expertise, Arsalan Lutfi says,

“It’s not the best World Cup logo but it works. It has this Amazon feel to it and the five fingers represent the five continents partaking in the World Cup.”

See below video which shows how the hands get together to form the logo.

[youtube id=”AKnckwpSMvY”]


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