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Integrated Marketing Solutions to Promote U.S. Exports



The U.S. government offers a wide array of high-quality programs to assist U.S. exporters, but these services were not widely known. To help inform exporters of these services, the International Trade Association (ITA) & Global Markets Bureau (GM) selected TriVision to orchestrate a comprehensive integrated marketing and media communications campaign.


/ Rebranding

/ Graphic Design Services for ITA/GM/USCS

/ Event Marketing for Discover Global Markets and Vision2020

/ Event Videography and Live Web Streaming

/ Video Production of 55+ Marketing &

/ Educational Videos

/ Marketing Collateral Design and Development

/ Digital Customer Engagement Playbook

/ LinkedIn Advertising, Content Marketing and SEO Support

/ Consultation on Website Design and Content Architecture


Through a series of workshops, pilot digital marketing campaigns and analysis, organization change reports, a series of online video projects, technology assessments, and development of a detailed Digital Customer Engagement Playbook, TriVision helped the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) leverage commercial best practices, tools and methods to grow their audience, increase visibility and use of their online services, and contribute to the overall growth in U.S. exporting success.

Our strategy and implementation made extensive use of the ecosystem of subject matter experts, industry influencers, partner agencies, businesses, the media and NGOs to help promote, amplify and extend the reach of ITA’s digital engagement and content marketing activities. A unique tool we introduced was the “Customer Media Packet” (a modern “electronic press kit”) that provided their partners and community evangelists with the social, SEO and digital content guidance and tools they needed to most effectively support the ITA’s overall objectives.

This campaign, which started in 2015, is helping GM achieve its objectives of educating U.S. businesses about the benefits and mechanics of exporting; informing foreign buyers of the benefits of buying products and services from U.S. exporters; creating a pipeline of new customers for GM services; and promoting the U.S. as a desirable location for foreign direct investment.


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