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Creative Strategy and Website Design for a Gourmet, Healthy Snack Bar


Salute Gourmet Nutritious Bars are allergy-friendly and plant-based snacks made to fit people’s busy lifestyles. These indulgent, gourmet bars are not only nutritious but demand to be enjoyed, shared, and experienced. They were created to prove that eating well goes beyond nutritional facts like fats and fiber and that convenience is not just about speed. To successfully enter the competitive healthy snack bar market, Salute turned to TriVision for help.


/Brand Strategy & Positioning

/Tagline Developing

/Website Copywriting and Copyediting

/UX/UI Website Design and Development

/E-Commerce Integration

/ Model Casting

/ Product Photography

/ Video Commercial Production


With an existing logo already in place, our team dedicated time to thoroughly study the Salute brand and its distinct position within the saturated healthy snack market. What made Salute bars different from any other healthy snack bar? Who was the brand’s target audience? Through research and analysis, our team of brand specialists and copywriters worked collaboratively with the client to create a powerful brand strategy using powerful creatives and impactful messaging.

After crafting a brand strategy and tagline, we designed a visually stunning website that authentically represented the Salute brand and its products, using vibrant colors, engaging messaging, and captivating visuals captured by our production team. Our first step was developing a content structure and website navigation that generated a smooth User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Our streamlined content structure was to ensure seamless navigation, allowing users to find the information they need effortlessly. Next, we needed creative content and digital media for Salute’s website and digital channels.

To capture content, we arranged a brand shoot at TriVision’s own studio facility located in Northern Virginia. Featuring a fitness model selected by us, our in-house production team of videographers filmed a promotional video which is currently featured on their website. Furthermore, we provided professional product photography services to effectively showcase the Salute snack bars. The video clips that we captured were also utilized to create compelling rich media content for social media platforms and web banners.


Salute’s brand strategy and creative efforts have yielded impressive results, positioning the company for success. The newly launched website reinforces Salute’s brand as a premium, nutritious snack that’s perfect for busy individuals seeking a healthy option on-the-go. Additionally, the website provides an accessible platform for users to discover Salute products and make purchases easily.


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