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Marketing Campaign for Afghanistan’s First Digital Broadcasting Service


In 2014, the Afghanistan Broadcasting System (ABS), was preparing to launch Afghanistan’s first digital terrestrial television (DTS), which was considered a major technological advance over the country’s previous analog television. TriVision is proud to be the marketing and media production company behind the launch of this television evolution in Afghanistan.


/ Marketing Strategy

/ Naming and Branding

/ UX/UI Design + Web Development

/ Social Media Marketing

/ Video Production + 3D Animation

/ TV Commercial + Radio Advertising

/ Outdoor + Print Advertising

/ Media Buying + Planning

/ Translation Services


From naming and branding of Oqaab, to creating and launching their website, social media platforms, TV and radio ads, billboards, and print and promotional materials, TriVision was involved every step of the way to help build the Oqaab brand across Afghanistan.

The TV commercials that TriVision developed consisted of long hours of consultation with the client on the creative direction and storyboarding, as well as script development, translation, casting, and professional voiceover services in multiple languages. The 3D animation of the Oqaab mascot especially took diligent time to complete.

Fast forward to 2019, TriVision developed Oqaab’s newest product, HD+ Kabul, for which we also developed a full marketing campaign including a new website design, TV commercials and other creative services. Our team collaborated closely with client to make sure each creative piece was engaging, easy-to-understand, relevant and culturally sensitive to the Afghan audience.

Oqaab is currently available across several major cities in Afghanistan with the mission to change the way people watch television by bringing them better content, entertainment and innovation.


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