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Branding & Video Production for an Award-Winning Hearing Aid Platform


In 2020, with the support of $4 million in NIA-SBIR grants, the talented interdisciplinary team at Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) developed an interactive patient care platform, TELLYHealth™, the customizable hearing healthcare application they named Maudey, and Maudey’s curated content. Maudey was conceived to enhance patient-centered care from the initial hearing aid fitting through the trial period and beyond. Having successfully created training videos for the AccuNurse System and TELLYHealth™ hearing aid platform in the past, it was only natural for the founders to seek assistance from TriVision once again.


/ Marketing Consultation and Strategy

/ Branding and Logo Design Services

/ Educational Video Production for Maudey

/ Platform Interface Graphic Elements and Icons

/ NIH Health Training Video Production

/ TELLYHealth™ Hearing Aid Video Production

/ Video Editing Services

/ PowerPoint Deck Design

/ Motion Graphics and Animation

/ Graphic Design Services


TriVision first began by creating a logo design and visual identity for the brand. Maudey, derived from “m” for mobile, “aud” for audiology, and the personification of the system’s user-friendly technology, empowers patients and guides them along their hearing aid journey. After six months of closely working with the TELLYHealth™ team, TriVision was able to successfully roll out the Maudey brand. Through strategic messaging and a powerful visuals that resonated easily with their target audience of older adults, we were able to build brand awareness and credibility for Maudey as an innovative, personalized application that enhances patient-centered care.

TriVision’s bigger challenge was producing a series of short educational/training videos and infographics (30+ videos) to increase awareness and convey the technologies’ benefits and usage. The videos and infographics were helpful in training the patients in using the technology from the convenience of their own home, 24/7, and enabled them to resolve their hearing aid problems faster and earlier in the newly streamlined process. In addition, our team provided graphic design and strategic messaging for the company, including creating PowerPoint presentation designs, web infographics and other multimedia production services.


After the use of the patented Maudey platform in several NIH clinical trials, it was clear the training videos we produced helped patients better understand the technology and ask more pointed questions to help them achieve their personal hearing aid goals. Maudey, which was developed and successfully clinically tested with support from the National Institute on Aging, has now launched nationally and won several awards including Hearing Technology Innovator Award.


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