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Rebranding and Creative Support to Elevate a Government Agency’s Digital Footprint



The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), as part of the United States Department of Defense, provides financial and technical assistance, transfer of defense matériel, training and services to allies, and promotes military-to-military contacts. DSCA’s mission is to advance U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by building the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges.

In an effort to elevate their brand and digital footprint, DSCA selected TriVision as their creative partner to refresh and update the agency’s visual identity and existing outreach and marketing. First, our challenge was to establish and unify the visual identities of the DSCA brands and sub-brands, as well as perform graphic design work for both print and digital media. This included developing and designing new and updated color palettes, fonts, typefaces, and accompanying collateral.


/ Logo Refresh and Branding Strategy

/ Brand Style Guide Development

/ Graphic Design for Digital Media and Print

/ Marketing Collateral Design

/ Creation of Customized Web Icons

/ Book Design and Publication Services

/ Design of Booklets and Communication Guidebooks

/ Video Production


Our design team began working collaboratively with the DSCA team to refresh their logo and branding strategy. The rebranding process included creating various logo options including a new color scheme, full name logo as well as the acronym version. Although we could not touch the DSCA seal, we did refine and unify the typography and arrangement around it. In addition, we developed DSCA’s 50th Anniversary logo around the seal. In addition, we also provided graphic design and publication services for their 90-page 50th Anniversary book. Following the rebranding phase, our design team began the design of the brand collateral which included the brand style guide, business cards, PowerPoint templates, letterheads, backdrops, and more. Our team also advised on the UI design of their current website was sleek, modern, and above all easy to navigate.

Since then, TriVision has worked continuously and closely with the DSCA team on a weekly basis to provide continuous graphic design support and video production services. Other services include anything from designing corporate brochures to producing marketing videos, social media graphics and messaging, web banners, flyers, presentations slide decks, backdrop signage, PowerPoint slides, and more

With a fresh visual identity and unified sub-brands along with a revamped website and marketing collateral, DSCA can now effectively tell their story and communicate their message to the world. The enhanced look and feel of DSCA not only elevates their brand, but more importantly, enables their stakeholders to easily navigate and learn about their services. TriVision continues to work with DSCA as their creative marketing partner in providing ongoing graphic design and visual communications support.


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