A DC Advertising Agency’s Analysis of Verizon and T-Mobile’s Ball Game Challenge…Who’s Winning?

DC Marketing Agencies are standing by to see who throws the next punch in Verizon and T-Mobile‘s #BallBusterChallenge.

This battle began when Verizon aired a TV commercial that amplified its network with a Root Metrics study. This study claimed that Verizon beat out the competition with 153 state wins and got first place in data, calls, speed, and reliability.

 Verizon Utilizes Competitive Brand Positioning in DC and Beyond

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Verizon threw all of their competition under the bus by stating exactly how much lower they scored. However,  T-Mobile, in particular, took offense… which is understandable considering they got the worst statistics in the commercial. T-Mobile took very little time to retaliate and shot this hilarious stab back at Verizon during Super Bowl 50.

T-Mobile Retaliates with Strategic Branding

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Now, we can sit here and compare statistics all day regarding who really is a better company, but the truth is this little brawl did wonders for BOTH companies. Major advertising blogs such as and TriVision’s very own client The Motley Fool are both trending this topic.

Though it’s not always a good idea to beat down your competition to get ahead, a little friendly rivalry in marketing can actually benefit your company. It’s even rumored that Verizon and T-Mobile secretly planned for this to happen. These commercials are making both brands get media attention. Viewers are now talking about statistics, something that not every viewer tends to look into.

Verizon and T-Mobile’s Creative Marketing Campaigns are Being Put to the Test

As it turns out, there will be an actual #ballbusterchallenge which will take place around the country, testing both T-mobile and Verizon.Verizon customers will be asked to test data speeds, texting and calls on both networks. If Verizon wins two out of three times, the Verizon customer walks away with a $100 pre-paid Visa card from T-Mobile.

Having created multiple video commercials for Afghan Wireless, Afghanistan’s largest provider of telecommunication services and wireless communications, TriVision understands what it takes to create effective advertising for a wireless provider. Each month, our team has to come up with a creative direction and theme for a new TV spot for Afghan Wireless, plus provide script consultation, translation, professional voiceovers in three languages, filming and production, keeping in mind its target audience and cultural sensitivities that exist in Afghanistan.  TriVision has provided Afghan Wireless various branding and digital marketing services for over a decade, and continues to collaborate with them on a series of video and marketing related projects.

Watch one of the TV commercials we produced for Afghan Wireless and let us know what you think!

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