Top 5 DC Branding and Marketing Trends for 2014

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As the year 2013 comes to an end, branding and marketing companies are looking back on what they have done this past year to rejoice on the successes and toughen some of their weak areas. Take a look at these new trends bound to help companies in 2014.

DC Branding and Marketing Trends

1.         Consumers expectations rise
With the rise of social media and technological advances, consumers expect a lot out of their products. They want a sophisticated, yet easy to use product that will keep up with their fact pace of life. In the past five years alone, consumer expectations have risen by 20%, but unfortunately brands have only kept up by 5%. 2014 will be a good year to bridge the gap between what is expected and what is delivered in terms of marking strategy.

2.         Targeting becomes personal
Consumers want and expect a more personal product or experience. Customers will respond better to a customized service that is tailored to their lifestyle, than to something that is not relatable to them. The relevance of the content to the consumer is a major part of customer satisfaction, and the happier the customer, the more business you may get.

3.         More brands embrace social media
With more and more people owning and using smart devices, brands will get the most out of their marketing campaign if they move their content onto social media sites. This allows them to increase their audience and draw more attention to their brand or product. Brands need to adapt their marketing strategies to their consumer’s multi-tasking lifestyle, and adding content to social media is one of the first steps.

4.         More frequent short videos and less tedious text
Frequently, people are more tempted to click on a 30 second video as opposed to reading a 3 page article. although short videos are on the rise, there is a cut off length when it comes to short. Most people check the length of the video before watching it and will choose not to watch the video if it is longer than 2 to 3 minutes. The key is to make a short and concise video that will capture the attention of the viewer and provide them with everything they need to know in the shortest amount of time.

5.          Businesses go mobile
In today’s world with many people using their phones for both work and play, it is time for businesses to insert themselves into the mobile world. By making their services mobile, their customers can take the information anywhere they go without it being a hassle. Combining the power of big data with mobile delivery makes for a more personable brand.

There have been many marketing and branding successes that have come with 2013, but there is always room to improve. If these trends are followed carefully, 2014 should be an even bigger marketing success than this year.


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