The Power of a Strong School Branding: How Georgetown University Has Done it So Well

Washington, DC – As the summer sun begins to set, a new academic year dawns on the horizon. The anticipation of a fresh start and the excitement of students returning to campus signal the arrival of back-to-school season. Amidst the buzz of preparation, one aspect that is crucial but might be overlooked is branding. A cohesive and well-defined brand identity is not just a marketing tool – it’s a powerful way for schools to create a lasting impression, foster a sense of unity, and set the tone for a successful journey ahead.

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of having a powerful brand identity to encourage school spirit and a sense of pride. We have used Georgetown University as an example of a local school in Washington, DC that has been extremely successful in using its strong brand identity to attract students and earn their loyalty.

Establishing a Strong Brand Identity

Cohesive branding is like a school’s visual and emotional fingerprint – unique, recognizable, and telling a story. It’s the amalgamation of colors, fonts, logos, and messaging that make up the visual and experiential fabric of your institution. A strong brand identity serves as a foundation that students, faculty, staff, and even alumni can connect with. When everyone is on the same page regarding the brand’s essence, values, and mission, it becomes easier to create a unified campus culture that resonates with all.

Probably one of the most iconic symbols of Georgetown University that contributes to the school’s strong brand identity is Jack the Bulldog, one of the most recognizable school mascots and a beloved presence at Georgetown sporting events and campus activities. For many, the bulldog represents a sense of school pride, belonging and history. Due to the popularity of the bulldog logo nationwide, variations of the Jack the Bulldog logo often appear.

Creating a Lasting Impression

Think about the brands you love – their logos, slogans, and colors likely come to mind effortlessly. This is the power of consistent and memorable branding. Just like any successful company, colleges can create a lasting impression through cohesive branding. When prospective students visit your website, social media, or campus, the consistency in design and messaging leaves a strong and memorable mark. This impression can influence their decision to enroll and remain engaged throughout their academic journey.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

A cohesive brand identity can evoke a sense of belonging and pride among the entire campus community. When students feel connected to their institution’s brand, they are more likely to identify themselves as part of a larger community. This fosters a shared sense of identity and unity, ultimately contributing to higher retention rates and overall satisfaction.

Georgetown University does this extremely well by being intentional about creating a “Sense of Belonging” for students through powerful messaging and creatives to promote all that goes on for its students from every walk of life. Their page dedicated to “Campus Life” is filled with imagery and information about different ways every student can be part of their community which consists of 350+ clubs and organization, 17 resident halls.

in this photo illustration, georgetown university logo seen displayed on a tablet.

Streamlining Communication

In the dynamic environment of higher education, clear communication is crucial. Cohesive branding streamlines communication efforts by providing a framework for consistent messaging. Whether it’s an announcement about campus events, academic achievements, or health and safety guidelines, having a unified brand identity ensures that information is relayed clearly and effectively across all channels.

Boosting Recognition and Trust

Cohesive branding fosters recognition and trust in the minds of your stakeholders. Whether it’s a banner on campus, a flyer in the mail, or a social media post, consistent visuals and messaging create a sense of reliability. This consistency not only enhances brand recognition but also builds trust among current and prospective students, parents, and even donors.

Georgetown University banner

Enhancing Alumni Engagement

A strong brand identity can have a lasting impact even beyond graduation. Alumni are more likely to stay connected and engaged with their alma mater when they feel a strong sense of affinity. Cohesive branding reinforces their emotional connection to the institution, encouraging them to participate in events, mentorship programs, and even contribute financially.

Aiding Recruitment Efforts

Prospective students are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to higher education. A consistent and visually appealing brand identity can give your college a competitive edge. When students see an institution with a strong and cohesive brand, it communicates professionalism, credibility, and a commitment to excellence, which are all vital factors in attracting top-tier students.

Encouraging Collaboration

Cohesive branding encourages collaboration by creating a shared visual language that everyone can understand. Faculty, staff, and students can rally around a common aesthetic, making it easier to work together on projects, events, and initiatives. This collaboration fosters a sense of community and ensures that everyone is aligned towards achieving common goals.


As schools gear up for the back-to-school season, it’s important to remember that branding is not just about aesthetics – it’s about creating a meaningful and unified experience for all stakeholders. A cohesive brand identity establishes a strong foundation that fosters a sense of belonging, enhances recognition, and boosts trust. It sets the stage for a successful academic year by streamlining communication, aiding recruitment, and encouraging collaboration.

TriVision is proud to have worked with Georgetown University by providing video production and editing services for its online lectures, including courses for the McDonough School of Business. In addition to Georgetown University, we have provided multimedia production services for various other schools and educational institutions in the Washington DC area, including George Washington University, George Mason University, Johns Hopkins University and more.

Furthermore, we have been beyond the branding and website of American University of Afghanistan (AUAF). View our work on our portfolio page. If you need assistance in crafting a cohesive brand identity for your institution, or if your current look is getting a bit outdated, we can help!

Written by Kevin Myers, 
Blogger at TriVision

Photos credit: Georgetown University


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