Roughy Toys, Giving to Children in Need

For Every Toy Purchased, Another One is Given to a Child in Need Around the World

While Rich was finishing his MBA at Virginia Tech, he visited the slums of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Brazil and witnessed children in extreme poverty- and without any toys. Roughy Toys & One 2 One Toys was born.

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Roughy Toys has partnered with the Toy Industry Foundation to donate amongst a network of over 1,000+ charities worldwide. They believe the building blocks of learning start very early and begin with play. Playing with toys stimulates cognitive development and leads to greater success in education and in life. Its mission is to provide comfort and play through toys that thrive in the world’s roughest and toughest conditions.

For every toy purchased, another one is given to children in need around the world. Find out how you can contribute in helping Roughy Toys reach its campaign goal of $15,000 by clicking on the link below:


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