Four Steps For Using Digital Media In Your Brand’s Social Strategy

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Today, social networks are all about images. Photo-centric social sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr are rising quickly in popularity, while Facebook continues to revamp its Web and mobile feeds to focus on the more than 300 million photos its members upload every day.

To succeed with social marketing, brands now need to move beyond text-based posts to develop an image-driven strategy, incorporating digital media such as photos, logos, and graphics into their social content programs.

Here are four practical ways to incorporate digital media into your social marketing programs.

1. Select shareable images
Comb through your company’s likely vast repository of images—campaign images, product photos, logos, graphics, and more—to identify those with the most emotional appeal. Funny, beautiful, interesting, touching, and fascinating images are the most likely to be shared, and thus they are the best candidates for image-based social marketing. Mine your social media metrics to find out which ad campaigns resonated the most with your social followers, and then promote images from those campaigns.

2. Post on visual networks
Many brands have at least one Facebook page and a Twitter account, but do you have accounts on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram? Those image-driven sites are growing far faster than Facebook, and they are highly popular among Millennials.

3. Monitor and measure
Tracking and monitoring social-sharing patterns of your brand images is important, but doing so remains challenging since most social media monitoring tools track only text keywords in posts and tags. If you tag your brand photos, you’ll be able to more easily track sharing patterns and their impact on engagement and marketing ROI.

4. Encourage brand advocates
The people who share your brand images are your best advocates; make sure to reward them for sharing, posting, and pinning your visuals. By using social media monitoring and image recognition, you can identify who is sharing your photos the most often, with whom, and how that sharing affects both engagement with your brand and sales.

The social web today is becoming all about images. If your brand isn’t using its visual assets on social networks, you’re missing out on positive customer engagement and increased sales.

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