Developing Apps For People On The Move

mobileLet’s face it. Mobile application development is spreading like wildfire and has captured a major portion of the software development services market. One example is Sqwarebiz, an app development company that produces unique, top quality, progressive apps for people on the move. Mainly targeting the Apple and Android markets, its apps are compatible with almost every phone platform and computer type.

img-105_slyve-sCurrently, Sqwarebiz has several apps in the works, such as Pushnear, QuasiText, Text Lookup and its latest app calledSLYVE. Available for free on the App Store, SLYVE allows users to create instant chat groups wherever Wi-fi or GSM services are available, be it the local coffee shop or airport terminal. Operating as a secondary emergency alert communication system, SLYVE chat lets users discuss any common interest in real time, from music to sports to celebrity news.

website snapshot-sAside from helping the company with app placement, TriVision has played a vital role in the branding and marketing of Sqwarebiz, from their logo design to web development and web hosting.


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