Brands Gear Up for March Madness

March Madness BrandingOn March 16, 2014, the NCAA will kick off March Madness, and brands are getting ready to put themselves out there to catch all the action!

Anyone with a good marketing strategy knows that there is always a lot of hype surrounding large sports events which provides a great opportunity for brands to insert themselves into that hysteria. One way of doing this is by acknowledging  the fandom through social media. Sporting events always bring out different opinions and people are usually more expressive on social media when these kind of tournaments take place. Brands such as Pizza Hut and Hormel’s Spam are taking on social media to offer fans chances to win free pizzas and posting YouTube videos related to March Madness to insert themselves into the conversation.

The goal of all brands is to make their presence known and draw more attention to their business. If your company plans on marketing for March Madness, make sure you know your facts and keep up with the pace of the game.  Nothing is more embarrassing than having an inaccurate post released on social media. My advice to you is to make sure you know which teams are playing when, so you can make accurate posts and predictions about the turnout of the games.

Big name brands are also welcoming March Madness by having smaller challenges or contests to be more interactive with the customer. For example, Infiniti is having a “bracket challenge” that will raise money for the American Cancer Society by pitting coaches against cancer. Gold’s Gym is going to have a “March Music Madness” contest to help customers focus on their workout music. Although both of these companies don’t have much to do with basketball, they embrace the spirit of March Madness to appear more ‘personable’.March Music Madness Branding by Golds Gym

Brands are gearing for the release of their marketing campaigns in preparation for March Madness. starts and embrace the fans and the hysteria. A successful marketing campaign will give everyone a chance to notice and interact with your brand.


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