A DC Video Production Company Asks : Would Your Company Benefit From a Viral Video?

Well, duh.

Yet, are videos that only hit 1,000,000 hits in the matter of a couple days considered viral? 100,000 hits? 1000 hits? Everyone wants it to happen to them and there is not just one thing that makes a video go viral. Well, except cats and kittens.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the numbers; whether it’s through social media, email, or word of mouth, these videos become popular through one thing, sharing. Thus, viral videos have more to do with connecting to your audience through shareable content. In short, there is no exact formula to creating a viral video. If you’re working with anyone who tells you otherwise – run!

After you’ve gotten to a safe distance, ask yourself not what video can do for you, but what you can do for video. In and of themselves, videos aren’t fun; videos containing interesting, entertaining, and original content are. Many traditional corporate videos do not accomplish this because their goal is just to deliver the message, not listen for a response. Talking head videos can be useful, and they have their place, but this method might not the greatest way to show your audience – your customers – that you respect and listen to them.

Take the video for example (embedded below). According to the CEO and star of the video, Mike Dubin, it only set him back $4,500. This video had a massive return on investment considering the millions of YouTube views (over 17 million) it garnered upon release. DollarShaveClub knew their audience and their desires, then found an interesting way to convey their message. Did they know they would have that much success? Of course not! However, a good B2B video should also be able to make an audience sit up, take notice, and care about what they’re watching.

[youtube id=”ZUG9qYTJMsI”]

So, why did it get millions of hits? There is no formula and no surefire way down the road to a million views. However, if you consider that viral content is simply getting your audience to share, there is hope. No, I am not talking about everyone’s favorite Days of Our Lives character. Hope lies in the willingness to take a risk in the development of the CONTENT, because above all, creative original content is daring. Will it cost you more time and money? Probably, but ask yourself is this: Will the extra expense be worth it?

Roger that. That’s a big DUH (you didn’t think we would get through this whole article without one more of those, did you?)

If you’re already spending money on corporate videos and commercials, why not take the jump and develop something new? If you are thinking about your first company video, please consider developing something shareable. Your employees will thank you, I’ll thank you, and the business world will thank you for taking a risk to nix the drudgery of corporate videos featuring talking heads. And who knows, maybe you will get asked to guest star on your favorite Soap Opera.

If you’re still not convinced, have a conversation with our production team at TriVision to find out how you can start generating your own creative content, and how we can help.


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