How Bud Light Turned Nats Fan Who Saved Two Beers into a World Series Hero

Talk about capturing a great viral moment on TV and turning it into an advertising opportunity.

A World Series hero was born at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, DC when a Washington Nationals fan was caught on camera holding two Bud Light beers in his hands as the baseball hit him on the chest. He didn’t let go of his beers and still managed to get the ball.

Bud Light was quick to award the fan with his own TV commercial which was nationally broadcast during Game 6.

“Not all heros wear capes,” the screen says. “…or gloves.”

On the brand’s YouTube page, the ad is titled “Our Hero, Jeff Adams.”

Bud Light Vice President Andy Goeler said Adams was a hero for saving his beers.

“We were so inspired by the athleticism of Jeff Adams, we knew we had to reward him for his act of heroism in not spilling one drop of his Bud Lights. This is the first time we’ve featured a Bud Light fan in a nationally-televised commercial, and he’s the perfect guy to represent baseball and Bud Light fans across the country,” Goeler said in a statement.


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